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About Me

Hi, My name is John Hicks and I've been helping people since 1990 to manifest their desires.
I've helped friends, associates and clients to sell houses, win at gambling, re-unite lovers, get jobs, pass exams, justice to evil people, create opportunities & a whole range of beneficial synchronicities. The list is endless... Read on....
You see, I have a multitude of spiritual gifts. I am a real life Manifestation Master that is in daily commune with Holy Spirit. This is no joke! It's not a cheap assumption or psychotic revelation. I have documented testimonials from tons of people!
I am also a certified Reiki Master who is very adept at it. I have attuned alot of people in my lifetime (including CEOs of very empowering companies).
When I pray for your intentions they come through!
Let me pray for you. Let me broadcast your Manifestation Requests to the universe.
I assist individuals, students, business people and anyone else with with their constructive desires.
I have helped hundreds of people over the years in a wide variety of fields.
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