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Since 2005 I have been doing Manifestation Requests on a mass scale for hundreds of members from the Mystical Wonders Community ( ).

Being a resident Manifestation Master on this popular Mystical & Metaphysical community has allowed me to help alot of people with my gift and also document tons of real testimonials.
It's feedback like this that lets others know that the manifestation service is the real deal and not some wishy washy wannabee attempting manifestation requests with no real background in the ability. As you and others have seen and experienced the ability is very real and helping people.
Over the years through helping alot of people I found I could induce a caffeine high, remove chronic pain, and headaches, induce partial euphoria, give deep relaxing sleep, induce druggie highs, make people feel like they are having a mountain top experience (Christian term) etc. Pain can also be induced (but this I don't do unless really necessary and with permission from Holy Spirit).
Sometimes I use the gift of faith in prayer and other times the gift of word of knowledge. Quite often they are used both together. Gift of word of knowledge means having a fragment of God's knowledge about a given situation. It does not mean I can tell fortunes but sometimes God gives me something of the persons past, present or future or whatever the situation is. I am not aware of having access to all knowledge all at once. It is a piece only.
God guides me in prayers so I can pray the right thing at the right time. Word of knowledge can be likened to precognition. Different terminology, similar meaning.
Place your intentions in my care and trust that I will do my best to broadcast your requests to the universe.