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Read some testimonials:

These testimonials come from students all over the Big Blue Marble dealing with getting them pass marks in all their subjects with the greatest of ease.


Posted: 18 May 2005 11:28 am

Post subject: college help I got my english essay done!

AND despite not being prepared for the presentation I had to do, my english teacher thought it was outstanding! Not to mention I got an 80% on the whole thing I was sure to fail! Thanks Mystx!

Posted: 12 Feb 2009 03:31 pm

Post subject: It came true!

Thanks Mystx! Another request happened! I requested that my children's test scores would go up. My youngest- his scores went up a whole grade level and 18 % over all since the test 3 months ago. My other two get to graduate soon because their scores were so high. Thank you! Mugwort

Posted: 22 Mar 2009 01:22 am
Post subject: Ahhhhhh!!!!!

Hello!.... One of my requests was to pass my national exam. Yes, I passed!!!!!!! Very Happy Thank you!!!

Posted: 15 Jun 2009 08:17 pm

Once again, another request happened! My 16 yr. old finished the 90 pg. thesis, passed all tests, and is now a high school graduate. Thank you mystx! Mugwort

Posted: 16 Apr 2008 11:28 pm

Post subject: I was really surprised by the results when I requested proficiency in Japanese by the end of this month.

Several days after mystx replied, a friend of mine randomly gave me a copy of the Japanese Rosetta Stone that he got for his birthday and didn't want.

Posted: 28 Oct 2009 06:06 am

Yay! Thank you Mystx! I requested my 16 yr. old get A's on Midterms. There was only one class with a Midterm and she got 100%! Thank you! Mugwort

Posted: 19 Dec 2009 02:27 am

Mystx you're on a roll... another of my paid requests just manifested! I have been awarded a scholarship for my MA thesis studies!!! Very Happy The scholarship covers my study fees and pays me a decent stipend to live on... thank you, thank you, thank you for helping to bring this about! Shocked!

Posted: 22 Dec 2009 02:28 am

Just recently I requested my dad to feel to be in a better mood and not be afraid to get a biopsy, well that request has been a HUGE success! He is in a much better mood and has agreed to have a biopsy in March. I have also requested getting accepted into graduate school, hasn't happened yet but there were several synchronicities that have taken place that were amazing. I found a lot of online books to read to help me write my paper, more than I could ever hope for. I had trouble figuring out who to ask for a third recommendation letter, so asked that and even decided to get some paid manifestation requests done one of them specifically asking for a third recommendation letter. Well I got my third recommendation letter (I really had no clue who to ask but the Universe gave me a very clear sign on who to ask), then found out the requirement for recommendation letters was removed by the University! I'm trying to stay positive and keep my faith in Mystx, he will come through for me and you! As for me and Jacob, things are slowly getting better, we are communicating a lot more often now. So yeah Mystx is the real deal, thank you so much! Hope you and everyone on this board have happy holidays.

Posted: 22 Dec 2009 08:52 am

Thanks so much Mystx, I think I did specify a scholarship in my request and I got the best one that I applied for! This is totally awesome. I encourage people as well to specify more than just passing their classes. Very Happy.

Posted: 25 Dec 2009 03:15 pm

The majority of my requests are of non material nature - and I can easily say that they have been manifested with Mystx's amazing power and guidance, as my energy is more balanced, apparent, and in my control. I must add that the one material item I've asked for has been manifested - but two fold. I recently asked for an LCD TV. At the time I had no idea how I would get it nor how to approach it....I requested one, and am now looking at two LCD TVs in total comfort. There's a reason why he's labeled Manifestation Master. He does this with all of his heart, and it shows. BARASHIN.

Posted: 08 Feb 2010 01:22 pm

Hi Mystx, This is to let you know that my request to pass the test has been manifested. :) I messed up during the exam and asked for your help so that the examiner is liberal while checking my copy. And he was extremely liberal I should say! :) So, I ended up passing the exam pretty comfortably, which once seemed impossible to me! Very Happy I will ask for your help in exam matters again in future! Thanks a ton!! subshane


You now have two options which you can use solely or together (for stronger results)

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You will not need to specify your actual subjects as the subscription
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This can be used in addition to the monthly subscriptions to tip things
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You pay a one off fee per each individual exam and level of Exam Booster.

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