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Have faith in me!
'Faith is the confident assurance that something we want is going to happen. It is the certainty that what we hope for is waiting for us, even though we cannot see it up ahead.' Hebrews 11:1 (Children's Living Bible)
With faith ALL things are possible. There is nothing impossible for God to perform. If you make your request made known to Him, without doubting, He'll do whatever you ask.
Faith is simply believing that something is true even though your other senses say something different.
You can liken faith to a light switch on a wall. You know that when you flick the switch, the light is going to come on. You can't see the electricity in the wall but you know it's there. You know it by faith. You simply believe something even though your senses cannot verify it as true. This is similar to how faith works.
You ask God for something in faith. Your prayer pierces into the supernatural realm, forms into whatever you've asked for and then after a delay, manifests in the physical realm.
According to the Vedic Astrologers of India I am very close to being God. I am being taught by the Holy Spirit plus my inner spirit on using spiritual abilities.
Just to clarify the difference between what I do and what a spell caster may do is that I use my mind alone with no oils, candles, incenses or other paraphernalia and can be done at any time day or night or anytime during the current month without having to use special days or times per month. This is pure mind power only and therefore has no need of props like some others use. I do not make use of radionics machines or anything to do with external gadgetry. I find my mind to be superior as I can decide to make the request simple or even detailed and it will still come to pass.
Using a combination of experience and unique manifestation techniques combined with natural manifestation abilities I am equipped to engineer your reality.


Manifestation Requests

I will keep repeatedly praying for your requests to come to pass.
Repetition of prayers will be done on a daily basis.
This creates an energetic magnetic field.
'Repetition creates' period.
How do I know this is true?
It works...
I've demonstrated it in my life over and over and you can see it operating in everyone's life when you're aware of the process.
How does repetition create?
Repetition is the key to creation on all levels.
These concepts are the foundation for intelligent conscious evolution.
The daily repetition of the prayers continue to build manifestation energies in the etheric realm which eventually bring forth it's manifestation in the physical realm.
Each day of prayer entails me casting the intent/s 3 times a day using my special techniques and my natural manifestation abilities. Holy Spirit also comes to aid if the need be. The longer time of prayers you take the more energy builds up and forces the prayers requested to take form in reality as we know it.�
Remember that when things start to happen in your life it is the universe arranging things that will be for your highest good. Always remain positive in mind. Never let negativity come near you (hint- do a manifestation request to banish all your negativity before you start with your requests).
Benefits of Manifestation.