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I will take your manifestation requests and formulate via guarded means the best way to express your intents to the universe using my own abilities as a powerful manifestation master.

I have hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide so you can rely on me to really help you whether it's Business, Studies, Success, Prosperity, Love & much more.  You can rely on me to help you in the most powerful way.

Prices are outlined for up to 120 days of focus/meditation/prayers. Should you require more than 120 days of continuous focus for your intent/s please use the Contact form. I offer good discounts for more than 120 days and many of my long term clients enjoy the tremendous discounts and peace of mind knowing that the Manifestation Master is working on their intents continuously. Many clients also order more than 120 days of focus for bigger issues (Investment Deals, etc).

When wording your requests you can condense it into statement of intents. Doing it like this is the most potent way to broadcast it to the universe to bring results.

An intent in this context is simply what you intend to happen or a description of your issues and how you want it healed in a positive way . For example.  I want Mr. X to award me the contract, Jody will meet me for coffee, I will win a large sum of money, I will win my court case, etc,etc..

Intents can be phrased in present or future tense. A combination of the same intention twice or thrice packs a real potent manifestation punch! For example: I will make $5,000 every month, I am making $5,000 a month now, I will make $5,000 every month soon.

Some other examples of intents are: It is my intent to win a large sum of money, It is my intent to attract a suitable lover that is very much like me, It is my intent that the girl that i love fall in love with me, It is my intent to get X job with X company, etc, etc..

You may also just choose to describe your issue/issues and leave it up to me to formulate the best way to express this to the universe.

Each request is different and encompasses the root of the desired outcome directly. Requests can be specific or general. It's up to you!

Most people have tremendous success with very specific requests. When you order you will be directed to another page to enter your required requests. These will then be worked upon by me for the required ordered time. You do not have to do anything else. Just put faith in the Divine Supreme Being and surrender to powerful creation energies. Results are amazing!

After you pay you will be directed to a form to enter details. All work is then started by me immediately as I received it. Please note you do not need a confirmation from me to know the work has already started. It will start in 2 hours minimum on my side.

Remember it's recommended you order as much time possible for supercharged results because the more time I spend on the requests is the more potent the requests are amplified to the universe bringing effective results soon.. It's also recommended that you repeat the same intentions/affirmations/desires from time to time. Many clients have received amazing results by having me broadcast the same intentions every week or couple weeks to give it an energetic push through the universe.

RESULTS MATTER! I have testimonials from real people worldwide to prove that I bring results.

There are many testimonials documented on this website. See for yourself!

Here is a testimonial from a newly revised service called Business Manifestation Service:

I was the first paid subscriber to Business Manifestation Service in 2006. I
was expecting to boost my Internet marketing business and I was basically
asking for lots of leads and commissions. I found new marketing strategies,
but I cancelled my subscription after one month. Three months later I
routinely checked my affiliate control panel to monitor some test campaigns
that were running on autopilot. One of these campaigns was generating $100/day
and I quickly optimized it to triple my sales.

During my subscription, I also asked to get a consulting contract from a major
organization, although I seriously doubted they would grant it at that
specific time. They indeed called me, but I refused their offer as I was now
very busy with my Internet marketing business.

Needless to say that I'm now using John's services on a regular basis.
I'm subscribed to most of his subscriptions on a long term basis.

Michel D.

P.S. 5+ years of powerful improvements & refinements has produced the most powerful spiritual & manifestation support for Businesses of all types. If you run a Business Online or Offline you should immediately:-

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There are Single Manifestation Requests, Multiple Manifestation Requests , Emergency Group Manifestation Requests & Subscription Services (a very popular option with all clients)

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Discover how Manifestation Work can help you by trying the various services I offer.

Legal Disclaimer on Refunds:

Refunds cannot be given because all my services require my daily expertise, time, effort and mental work to broadcast requests & subscriptions for clients.

Clients are paying for an expert service from an Expert Manifestation Master.

You get the Best in the Business with a Track Record of Success!

If I cannot help you then no one else can!


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(Each request is meditated upon and prayed 3 times daily by me personally) - Longer amount of days focussing on intents cause more energy to build up thereby forcing concrete manifestation results.
Single Manifestation Request (1 day prayer broadcast) - $11.99 $5.99

Single Manifestation Request (3 days prayer broadcast) - $24.95 $12.99

Single Manifestation Request (7 days prayer broadcast) - $59.95 $24.99

Single Manifestation Request (14 days prayer broadcast) - $99.95 $49.99

Single Manifestation Request (21 days prayer broadcast) - $149.95 $79.99

Single Manifestation Request (30 days prayer broadcast) - $199.95 $99.99

Single Manifestation Request  (60 120 days prayer broadcast) - $399.95 $199.99

Single Manifestation Request (90 180 days prayer broadcast) - $699.95 $349.99

Single Manifestation Request (120 365 days prayer broadcast) - $899.95 $499.00

 Hot NEW Testimonial: 

Hello, i made a request to you last month and am amazed... the
last week i made nearly 1000, this week monday so far nearly 200, i love
you! Im still out of work but my business is going amazingly well, so much
so that ive just joined your monthly subscription! May i say i hope our
lord blesses you with everything you desire, long healthy life and to be
extremely rich... in love! I know he will! Thank you again

Leicester, England, United Kingdom


(Each request is meditated upon and prayed 3 times daily by me personally) - Longer amount of days focussing on intents cause more energy to build up thereby forcing concrete manifestation results.

Multiple Requests can be used to deal with a wide range of issues. You are allowed a max of 20 requests.

Before ordering make sure you have your list of 20 requests/intents as you will need to type them into an online form to be submitted to me.

Take your time to formulate exactly how you want things to turn out or give me your general intentions, affirmations, desires and wishes and I will handle the rest.

Multiple Manifestation Requests - ( 1 day prayer broadcast)  - $16.99 $8.99
Multiple Manifestation Requests - ( 3 days prayer broadcast) -  $42.00 $24.00

Multiple Manifestation Requests - ( 7 days prayer broadcast) - $98.75 $49.00

Multiple Manifestation Requests (14 days prayer broadcast) - $197.50 $94.99

Multiple Manifestation Requests (21 days prayer broadcast) - $294.00 $149.99

Multiple Manifestation Requests (30 days prayer broadcast) - $420.00 $249.99
Multiple Manifestation Requests (60 120 days prayer broadcast) - $840.00 $429.00

Multiple Manifestation Requests (90 180 days prayer broadcast) - $1260.00 $649.00

Multiple Manifestation Requests (120 365 days prayer broadcast) - $1680.00 $829.00

Hot New Testimonial:

Mystx! You're right, I've had great results. At my job, I was given an award of
appreciation along with 5 others. The 5 others have contributed significantly to my
project. And it was a huge honor and surprise that I was recognized with them. As I
do not think that I am as smart as they are but. now I feel great. about myself and
think that your work is the reason I was recognized. Thank you for all you've done!

You may use my testimony but do not use my name.

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T


Group Influence has been scientifically proven to work for various uses.

- Emergency Requests are handled intensely. The requests are prayed upon 9 times a day for one week continuously and I also work with a group of 30 energy workers & manifestation masters who work side by side with me to broadcast these requests in the most powerful way possible.

You are allowed to list 3 different requests.

Emergency Group Requests are great for preventing crime, aiding in missing person cases & emergency situations where powerful focus is required. It's also highly utilized by various Business clients who need to inject powerful influence into deals, negotiations, meetings, sales, successful marketing campaigns and much more.

Cost  $600 $279 $159.99 per week.

Hot New Testimonial:

Thanks Mystx! Another request happened! I requested that my children's test scores would go up. My youngest- his scores went up a whole grade level and 18 % over all since the test 3 months ago. My other two get to graduate soon because their scores were so high. Thank you!



These are specific subscription based services where every day for a month I will pray for the desired trends/root desires. I will also be programming energy and sending it to you daily as long as you keep the subscription active every month. For these subscriptions I will also send FREE Reiki Daily once you book 2 or more subscriptions..  These subscriptions are very effective and will support you on a month to month basis with the core energies required for their manifestations.

Here are a couple recent testimonials from clients who are subscribed to subscription specials (combos of more than 4 subscriptions):

I�m currently experiencing a series of strange coincidences that open doors
of opportunities and sometimes shut them right behind me once I entered.
Sometimes, I even have a hard time to believe what�s happening. I was also
able to identify and counter a fraud that would otherwise remain totally
mysterious to me, besides causing a financial loss. Expect me to remain
a loyal subscriber for years to come.. Michel B.


I think your service is magical. For last few months I've been stressed
with the Tax Office. I owe them a big sum (through our business). As the
business is going through a rough time, it has been difficult paying any
money. I was stressed and asked you for help. While they showed a little
bit of leniency suddenly I got a notice from them asking us to pay the
full amount within 21 days, otherwise they would wind up our business. I
asked again for you to help and that they accept a payment plan.

You told me not to worry. I wrote to them with a payment plan. Within a
week, surprisingly :-), they accepted the payment plan without any

I am now more peaceful and am able to focus on the business rather than
on the debt.

The tax office debt has been a major stress for me. Thank you for
clearing it.

Thank you

Each subscription costs $149.95  $79.95 $49.99

Love - I will pray for you daily for one month at a time to experience real love in your life on all levels. This package also works to open up your heart and attract love to you. It attracts those who are in harmony with you for companionship of any nature you are open to. This means that those who aren't truly open to relationships, will see relationships appear when they are ready.  In any case, you  will benefit from the opening of the heart and the heart healing in this package.  This package also decreases feelings of loneliness.

Attraction - Need to attract the opposite sex. I will be praying daily for a month for you to experience more attracrtion power in your life. Be prepared for the attention!

Money/Wealth - Every day for a month daily prayers will be said on your behalf to attract a massive inflow of wealth and synchronicities leading to a prosperity filled life on earth.

Justice - Have you been wronged? Well with this subscription I will pray monthly to bring justice to wrong situations.
Divine Intervention will take place through Holy Spirit to help. You will find that being subscribed to this will bring swift Justice to those that wrong you in any way and even via ill intent.

Luck - Want to increase your chances in games of chance? forex? stocks? bets? horse racing? sports? casinos? Every day for a month I will pray to increase your Luck. Get ready for that lucky streak. Keep the subscription active and see how lucky you become in a few months. It will astonish you.

Protection - Gain security knowing that you will have a strong field of protection around you. This subscription keeps ALL
lower vibrations away and works in conjunction with Holy Spirit & Archangels to give you powerful unshaken spiritual protection which also extends to your physical life.

Natural Creativity - Everyone is creative! With creativity, you are more vital and resourceful. You find solutions you couldn't see previously.
You are happier. A great investment for anyone who needs a frequent flow of creativity on a daily basis. I will be doing special prayers daily to boost your creative levels.

Grounding -  In grounding we are strengthened by connecting with the Earth element.  With this subscription your ability to stay grounded is increased. Highly recommended for those types who find it hard to stay focused and become weakened quickly.

Glow - This package is great for entertainers, and anyone who wants to make a positive impression..
 This will connect you to your confidence, and bring out your ability to shine.  Great for those with stage fright, as it therapeutically balances that problem over time.

Beauty - Your inner beauty shines from within. With this package you will increase your ability to break through any blocks that
 have diminished the shining of your beauty. Through the ability to see your beauty, you will continue to grow in beauty.

Healthy Chakras - This package encourages healthy chakras continuously. It is a great aid to any program you are working with and
increases efforts to heal and repair damage already existing to your chakras.

SPECIAL SUBSCRIPTION OFFERS (Combo Subscriptions): (Due to Demand)
Get more for less with the following offers below.

Discounts for Multiple Subscriptions:

Save money by ordering a combination of monthly subscriptions.

Running a combination of various monthly subscriptions will cause a powerful synergistic release every month. This brings immense benefits which continue to get better with each passing days and months.

The Monthly Subscriptions are very potent and the more months they run the deeper the influence sinks in to bring long lasting results.

The combination of 3 or more subscriptions at heavily discounted prices showers upon a person so many synergistic beneficial blends of energies that will manifest miracles or all shapes and sizes. 

Here is a recent testimonial received from monthly subscriber of a combination of 11 subscriptions:
( Love, Attraction, Money/Wealth, Justice, Luck, Protection, Natural Creativity, Grounding, Glow, Beauty, Healthy Chakras ):

Dear John,

After 11 days of the Multiple-Subscriptions (full eleven), I felt it was time to share with you how it has been going. The short answer is
that it working great and very noticeably.

First off, I felt a presence immediately and a heat all over my body. I had a "lightness of being" and I walked as if I weighed 50 pounds
less and 3 feet in the air. Yet I was grounded. Wholly very happy and Centered. At some point, I felt something that I decided was the
straightening out of my chakras--all up and down my spine. The Eleven are general, but as for the 60 day, multiple manifestation requests, I have seen several come to pass already. Here are some results of some of them. (The others are too personal to report, but they are coming along the same as these I do report.)

My trading is clearer, better, surer--and all profitable.

I have *understanding* and where I do not, I have the beginnings of understanding.

One of my manifestations requests was "I live and honorable and noble life without stain of any kind." In this, I have always been this way, but lately and without conscious action, I have been paying stricter and more detailed awareness of this. For instance, I dropped a dime in a parking meter when it had 8 minutes left because I felt the need to pay my way. It is in these trivial things, that the big things grow for good or bad. In this the Law of Compensation will be ever at Harmony and to my good. This small manifestation is really far more important that most will allow. I think it is in the paying attention to the details, that I sharpen my whole self and it may be the beginnings of the Egyptian principle of Ma'at.

In another, I wanted a Healing for my family over the death of our youngest. This is appearing to be happening. I don't want to get more detailed for a message that may be published.

My individual relationships with each of my individual family members have improved all round--and to the good of all. I am very happy with my wife.

I asked for knowledge to manifest as I need or want it--and it has. Vexing questions get answered and books I need fall into my hands. It is hard to believe after only a few days.

Wealth is coming to me in every respect, now that I think of it. I originally wrote to you about the money side, but upon thought I am
being showered by more than money.

I asked for Harmony and I am living it more and more each day. (Ma'at again.)

Thank you very much and I will continue to subscribe to your service. Feel free to do what you want with this email, but please keep my email and name out of it. This is more for the privacy of my family.

Thank you.

Near your town, USA


No doubt you now see how happy I make all my clients with Multiple Subscription Combos.

Subscribe Now to Experience Good Results Yourself!

These prices are reduced until May
31st 2021 ONLY so Subscribe NOW!

Subscribe to 4 subscriptions for only = $239.85 $119.99- INCLUDES: 1 (One) FREE Single Manifestation Request (60 days prayer broadcast worth $399.95)
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Subscribe to 6  subscriptions for only= $319.80 $159.99 INCLUDES: 1 (One) FREE Single Manifestation Request (90 days prayer broadcast worth $699.95)
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Subscribe to 8 subscriptions for only= $479.70 $239.99 INCLUDES: 1 (One) FREE Single Manifestation Request (90 180 days  prayer broadcast worth $699.95)
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Subscribe to 10 subscriptions for only= $639.60 $319.99 - INCLUDES: 1 (One) FREE Multiple Manifestation Request (90 120 365 days prayer broadcast  (worth $1680.00)
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Subscribe to all 11 subscriptions for only = $719.55 $359.99 - INCLUDES: 1 (One) FREE Multiple Manifestation Request (90 120 365 days prayer broadcast  (worth $1680.00)
Click Subscribe

When you subscribe to subscriptions your aim should be to remain subscribed for at least 6 months to benefit fully from the powerful influences that will flood your life. Click Subscribe.

You'll really make a difference in your life by subscribing.

Here are Recent Testimonials from other Multiple Subscription Subscribers:

My experience with the subscriptions the manifestation master provides
were and are amazing.

I am subscribed to the love, attraction, chakra and the grounding.

I could tell when he was working on me, the energy was incredible in my
heart chakra, and it now feels absolutely clean.
He has also cleaned  all of my other chakras each and everyday.
My heart is really tremendously open now from the love subscription and
the grounding, I am very grounded always and fearless.

I want to thank the manifestation master for all his help.

God Bless!

John Usher,

The manifestation is definitely coming on fine.

I have picked up many beliefs which remove the limited beliefs and make
the goal realistic; I am now seeing the goal with a new consciousness.

In my case it seems that I have needed to hear and read about other
people's experiences with similar situations, because that is what has
been manifesting.

It's like I know I need to believe something and all the websites & products
& people's experiences in message boards that have materialised for me to see,
have acted as powerful, fast-acting affirmations to show me a reality which is
in tune with my goal and make me believe in it strongly and easily.

Thanks mystx!!
I know you are doing me a great service, so keeping you informed of my
progress is just something I should do. I'll write detailed testimonials
for the benefit of forum & website users.

I know that reviews are very valuable for people who are uncertain and
inexperienced. Therefore you do not need to worry about needing to use
parts of my emails, they are written to you for courtesy, out of my

Khushaal Padia,
United Kingdom


Benefit from my abilities and services and see your life transform before your very eyes. Keep subscribed for 6+ months and experience immense miracles. Once you keep it up longer than that you will be forever happy and continue to get happier each and every day. This is a real service I run and I have helped MANY real people over the years. I am not someone that was hatched yesterday. I have been around a long time using my abilities for others behalf. Trust and Know that the same source that guides you is guiding me. For we are all ONE!