Spiritual Manifestation Subscriptions

Due to huge demand I have now started offering Spiritual Manifestation Requests

These will focus on spiritual and metaphysical attributes which I will pray for you repeatedly every day for every month.

Just to clarify the difference between what I do and what a spell caster may do is that I use my mind alone with no oils, candles, incenses or other paraphernalia and can be done at any time day or night or anytime during the current month without having to use special days or times per month. This is pure mind power only and therefore has no need of props like some others use.

Honestly I do not think anyone else can do what I can do.

I have a real track record of hundreds of happy clients worldwide.

I have been using my natural manifestation abilities (initially termed prophecies)  for 20+ years offline and 5+ years online.

Wonderful results will flourish as the months flow by. The effects will continue to build up for you every day as you continue to be subscribed monthly.

All these new subscriptions below have been tested over a long period with a group of my long term clients (clients who relied on me for the past 5+ years to Manifest their desires).

Over a period of time I have uncovered specifically worded manifestation requests (which I keep secret) that aid anyone to achieve the ends results of the intended desires outlined below.

It's better for you if you do not know specifically what words I use to pray and broadcast directly to your Mind and the Universe Daily. I know from experience.

All you need to know are the main intentions of the various subscriptions offered below.

These have been tested over a period of time that when broadcasted by me on your behalf (using my natural manifestation abilities in my MIND) will manifest potently.

Here are some testimonials from real people who have had success with Spiritual Manifestation Requests:


So far the following prophecies have partially been fullfilled:

Ive had some increase in... im not sure really..... Its become stronger....
I can finish peoples sentences and such and im doing it more often.
Not sure what it is. Not sure if it was even due to this but it may have
something to do with tk (tele-kinesis) i guess?

My awareness of reality is becoming stronger



I feel better with my energy now, have better concentration and can move energy in a better way than before!! THANKS! ..but still i can`t do fireballs ¬¬ just kidding...i`ll keep on trying though!

Fen Zero

A lot of my chakras have opened up including my third eye, kundalini has risen to varying degrees. I have achieved very powerful wisdom and spiritual knowledge and continue to do so. And best of all, I haven't spontaneously combusted.


I've been refining my energy system since you made that request Wink. Sooo.. it's not what I was expecting but certainly better from the me giving a little bit and getting a huge return from people I was thinking of, heheh.

Anywho thanks for giving me a prod in the right direction, because I think what did it was my question to Fen about how normal people get their energy


I did a request to lucid dream and that day I discovered a way that works for me very well and used it to have lucid dreams the next night. Thanks, much appreciated.


In seperate posts, I asked for a request for knowledge and I asked one person to explain to me what meditation is. Several days after, I received signs from everywhere and everyone about meditation. People told me I have a strong spirit, and that I light up a room with my smile. Not only that but I've been told that I was very intuitive by a psychic but I need to start meditating to reach my full potential. She later on directed me to a video on her website that showed me a clear understanding of why people meditate, and in what ways and what happens. That was the knowledge I was looking for.

Gimme Quatahs

I requested that my susceptibility to energetic invasion be cleared, and about 3 hours later, there was a warm gold energy flooding the left side of my abdomen. And there has been more ease with my personal work that may cause susceptibility. Yeah! However, I am still hurting deeply and will request again.


A while back, I requested my psychic abilities to improve. Latedly, I've been mored intuitive and had many more neat things happen. Thanks Mystx!


THANK-YOU MYSTX! im pretty sure that my intent manifested because back then i used to feel more "ump" in my third eye and then it just stopped, and when i made my request, its back again! Im manifesting things better now, thanks a lot! Very Happy

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hm, it wasn't what I asked but it indeed was an interesting thing. I got this feeling of... another pressence, more like another energy, wich brought some disturbance to my own tough I don't know if its related I think so since it happend exactly the day after I posted here.

Location: México

I am thrilled to report I am now (when I have time to focus) visualizing in 3D!

Prior, I only could come up with bright lights which really hurt my (closed) eyes.

Thank you!

Location: Rocky Mountains

Dear John,

The ability of channelling healing energies is 100% back right after your prayers! Thanks!


As you can see I have flexed my powerful ability to do a wide range of Spiritual Manifestation Requests which will continue to get stronger and stronger with each passing day and month.

I will charge a standard fee of $79.95 per monthly subscription for the following Spiritual Manifestation Requests.

This is very cheap compared to what I really should be charging for this!

However I want to help out as much people as possible so this is the best way to do it.

Once you start your subscriptions below you do not need to do anything else.

I will have all your details and begin within 4 hours to start working on your monthly subscription.

To get the best results with all of the monthly subscriptions outlined below you will need to stay subscribed for at least 6 months. Ultimately a year of being subscribed will bless you with immense positive results as the longer you stay subscribed is the more energy build up and synergizes for a very potent and long term effect.

Anyone who continues to remain subscribed after a year will experience for themselves how the cumulative effect of being subscribed for more than a year really breaks through all the barriers to unlimited proportions. You will never be the same again!

Come back to this page and subscribe to any you require.

All of the spiritual/metaphysical subscriptions on this page can work together with each other and there are no conflicts. In fact it's actually better if you subscribe to a few at a time. The synergistic melding of the various mind life force energies will all result in a more potent and long term effect!

The more you subscribe to is the stronger the overall effects.

They will build upon and support each other at a very core energetic level.

The Universe will call you to this page for your spiritual development and maturity..

The fact that you are seeing this webpage now is because the Universe has conspired  circumstances, people, events, notices and signs to nudge you in the right direction of hiring my Manifestation help that has been proven by hundreds worldwide to really work!

Subscribe now..

Third Eye Opening

Every day I will be broadcasting specifically tested manifestation requests that will open your third eye over time. The effect will realistically take time to build up and it continues to get better with each passing month. To get the best results you should aim to commit to at least 6 months.

Synchronicity Booster

Every day I will broadcast certain specific tested manifestation requests that will increase the frequency of Synchronicity in your life. This is like the law of attraction on STEROIDS. You will notice for yourself that every month that flows by will be met with increasingly amazing synchronicity for your highest good. After a while you will experience DAILY synchronicity. These are the effects currently reported by clients!

Lucid Dreaming Inducer

Every day I will broadcast specific tested manifestation requests that will aid you induce controlled lucid dreaming experiences naturally. Over time your ability to lucid dream will escalate.

Meet Angels

Meet the Angels in your dreams. With this specific manifestation subscription you will over time develop a strong connection with the Angelic Kingdom and will attract them to communicate with you during your dreams.

Auric Field Integrity

I will do daily sessions to clear, heal, repair, recalibrate, expand session to clear, heal, repair, recalibrate, expand, activate, seal and shield the aura, auric sheath and other energy fields around the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies and all energetic centers and systems.

Astral Projection

Quickly develop Astral Projection ability. Over time this will grow more and more powerful until you can do it at will.

Kundalini Raising Safely

I will open up your Chakra channels for the free flow of Kundalini energy, safely.

Quickly Develop Telepathic Ability

I will open up the natural telepathic ability within you so you can read other people's minds easily.

Hypnotic Eyes

See Through People Easily, Into Their Souls. This can be quite unnerving for other people so just be sure you actually do want this. I have seen a person with this ability at a gas station and it felt very unpleasant.

100% PASS grades for students

Are you failing at your school/uni/college? Then let a real live manifestation master give your grades a powerful boost into the Stratosphere! This works and works extremely well. Maybe you are considered the dummy in the class? Shock both your teachers and other students with huge gains in your grade levels! Heck, you can even graduate with flying colors!

Clearing Communication Pathways

Now you can release less-than-love energies and frequencies that come from technologies like television, internet, email, telephone, cell-phone, etc. It also cloaks your communications on all levels.

Clearing Covenants, Contracts, Vows, Oaths and Promises

The Manifestation Master will help you to release covenants, contracts, vows, oaths and promises that no longer serve your highest good. Also clears any energy cords you may have to these things.

Clearing Karma and Karmic Contracts

I will help you to release karma, karmic contracts, karmic agenda and karmic hooks and cords at the deepest level possible.

Clearing Limitation Profiles from the Energetic Systems

I will help you to release energies that are usually hidden from your vision by blind spots, glass ceilings of limitation, illusions, blinders, veils, etc. This helps you to release limitation on a very deep level and to see your life and patterns more clearly.

Clearing Profiles of Abandonment, Loneliness and Separation

I will help you to release energies associated with feeling abandoned, isolated, misfit, alien, different, not at home, not belonging and not fitting in.

Clearing Your Family Relationships

I will help you to release slow and dense energy associated with your family relationships. Provides angelic support to help you to remain neutral and to be who you are even when you are with your family. Helps you to clear and release dysfunctional and toxic family relationship
patterning. Brings in divine ideal for family relationships and for communications.

Clearing Your Friend Relationships

I will help you to release slow and dense energy associated with your friendships. It clears out a lot of the boxes and rules based in mass consciousness about friendships and helps bring
friendships into alignment with the divine ideal for friendships.

Clearing Your Intimate Relationships

I will help you to release slow and dense energy associated with your intimate relationships. helps both people who are working on attracting an intimate relationship and people who are trying to
improve an existing intimate relationship. Please note, however, that if the relationship you have is not aligned with your highest good, it may shift and the person may leave your life. helps
people to establish the divine ideal union.

Clearing Your Relationship with Self/Body

I will help you to release slow and dense energy associated with your personal relationship with yourself and the way you view your body and health. It also clears away a lot of the subconscious
programming that you absorbed while the host body was a fetus. Helps you to bring in and anchor the divine ideal templates for self love, self esteem, self acceptance, body image.

Clearing Your Sex Life

I will help you to clear old energy patterns, templates and blueprints around your sexual encounters, sexual history and fantasies/dreams. I will help you to purify how you express
your sexuality and align it to the divine ideal for human sexuality in the fifth and higher dimensions.

Clearing Your Sleep Patterns

I will help you to have pleasant dreams at night and also feel at peace as you sleep.

Healing Your Inner Child and Wounded Child

I will do a ongoing request to ease the pains of the memories of your childhood so they no longer have any emotional impact on your life.

Antahkarana Activation

I will help you to build the rainbow bridge of light to connect your personality with your soul.

Christ Consciousness Codes

I will give a powerful ongoing transmission of the Codes for Christ Consciousness from GOD. This will assist you to physically embody the frequencies of Christ Consciousness. Energetically rewires your four lower bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental) so that you can hold and radiate this divine attribute out to others.

Clearing the Seals

I will help you to clear the seals on each of your chakras so that you can access deeper levels of each energy center and chambers that resonates with the vibration of Christ Consciousness and unconditional love.

Clearing and Enhancing Psychic Gifts

I will help you to bring in, awaken and activate the psychic gifts and abilities that are aligned with your path and the plan you made with GOD prior to incarnation.

Clearing Your Life Path

I will help you to release slow and dense energy associated with your life path, soul purpose, divine plan, contracts with Spirit for this lifetime. I will help you to understand to the fullest extent possible the truth of who you are and what you came here to do.

Clearing Your Over-Soul

I will do an ongoing request that will sweep through your life helping you to clear, heal and release old less-than-love programs from your over-soul.

Clearing Your Relationship with Spirit

I will help you to release slow and dense energy associated with your relationship with Spirit. I will heal the illusion of separation from Spirit, being mad at God, brokenness from feeling separated from Source. It will help to establish your divine ideal relationship with Spirit.

Creator Crown and Scepter Activation and Initiation

I will activate Empowerment Activation from GOD to assist each being to step into full empowerment so that they may fulfil the path and plan they made with GOD prior to incarnation.

Heart Communication

I will help you to communicate from the heart at all times.

Recalibration of Words

Some words weaken us and some words strengthen us energetically. Even words in other language or from other civilizations can weaken us energetically. I will recalibrate each being’s consciousness so that they are energetically strong to all words in all languages in all dictionaries on this planet and universe.

Receiving Your Crystalline/Ultra-Violet Body of Light

I will do an important upgrade to receive the crystalline or ultra-violet body of light. An important step in the process of ascending with a body.

ESP Inducer

Every day I will broadcast specific tested manifestation requests that will aid you induce controlled ESP experiences naturally. Over time your ability to use ESP will steadily grow.

Quantum Physics

Every day I will broadcast specific tested manifestation requests that will aid you to rapidly learn about Quantum Physics. Over time your ability to understand Quantum Physics will steadily grow.

Magnetic Fields

I will do requests for you to build up a powerful magnetic field around you which may enable you to draw positive events into your life.

Theta Training

Every day your ability to naturally drop down to Theta brainwave frequency will become more and more rapid. When ever you want to use your imagination with clear, vivid mind pictures. You will also be able to jump back up to Beta frequency rapidly, without side effects.

Alpha Training

Every day your ability to naturally drop down to Alpha brainwave frequency will become more and more rapid. When ever you want to meditate you will almost instantly drop to Alpha. You will also be able to jump back up to Beta frequency rapidly, without side effects.

Cloud Busting

Every time you want to impress your friends with your abilities, you can tell them to look skyward at a specific cloud while you mentally cause that cloud to rapidly disappear.

Easily Create Sigils

I will give you the powerful ability to create Sigils for any purpose you want. These will be so powerful that your created sigils will outstrip all other types of sigils.

Easily Create Spells

I will send an ongoing request to the Universe that will give you powerful spell-casting abilities, which when used will make witches and wizards all over the world, drool, and they will want the ability too. You must be practicing magick for this to work.

Learn the Kabbalah Quickly and Safely

I will do an ongoing request that will enable even the novice to rapidly gain ability to use Kabbalah without any harm.

Easily Tune into Earth's Brainwave Frequency

I will do an ongoing request that will enable you to quickly and rapidly tune into the Schumann Resonance when you are feeling drained.

Easily Attract Like-Minded Spiritual People Into Your Life

I will do ongoing requests for you to attract like-minded spiritual people into your life so you quickly gain a large new circle of friends.

Begin Having Very Spiritual Dreams at night

I will do an ongoing request that almost every night your nightly dreams are very peaceful but highly of a spiritual nature.

House Clearing

I will do an ongoing request to clear buildings and surrounding property of any and all unwanted entities. Perhaps someone has passed away in that building/home and there is lingering energy still from the deceased. I will clear it for you.

Enter Address of House

Aura Clearing

I will do an ongoing request to clear all discarnate and unwanted entities from a person's aura. This can also be done to animals/pets.

Vehicle Energy Clearing

I will do an ongoing request to clear all discarnate and unwanted entities from a vehicle. Maybe the vehicle has been pre-owned and yet uncomfortable energy persists. I will clear it for you.

Enter Vehicle Registration #

Clearing Poltergeist Activity

If you have Poltergeists (Noisy spirits) in your home then I will do a request into the Universe for you to make the Poltergeists go away, indefinitely. This monthly subscription will also keep it out for good.

Enter Location of Disturbance

Activate Psychokinetic Ability

Have you thought it would be lots of fun to control the dice on a roulette table?

Or maybe control a pokey machine in either yours or someone else's favour?

I have activated another person's PK ability once before but it freaked her out to the point we stopped experiments. So if this sounds like something you want to try out then I'm your man. Make your request and see what happens over time.

Do You Want to Feel at One with the Universe?

Let me take your consciousness to where you will quickly feel like you are seeing every living thing with new eyes. The grass will look greener, the flowers will have more intense and vibrant color and you will feel like you are on top of the world looking down on creation. I did this to myself on numerous occasions so I am saying all this from experience, and NO! It was not induced via drugs, legal/illegal.

Communicate Telepathically with Animals

Do you have a favorite animal? Find it tough sometimes to get that animal to do what you want it to? Let me activate a powerful telepathic bond between that animal and yourself. I don't need to know details. Just subscribe and it will begin and get stronger every day.

Boost Creativity

Would you like a job which tests your Creative Ability but you feel like that ability is sadly lacking in your life? Let me open up your creative juices to the point that you become the top Employee in your department. A very good subscription for businesspersons too!

Instant Peace

Are you in a job where there may be constant bickering between some employees? Let me activate and maintain an ability that will bring sudden peace to your place of employment just by you thinking the word "Peace" and there will be sudden silence all around you.

Intense Visualisation

Have you ever thought that your ability to visualise was sadly lacking? I will do ongoing request for you that will give you an intense visualisation ability. You will just need to close your eyes and see whatever you want.

Adept @ Dowsing

I will make you become more and more efficient at using all methods of dowsing including the use of Kinesiology [muscle-testing]. You will make other dowsers and muscle testing people look inefficient at something they may have spent all their lives at doing.


I will send an ongoing request for you to activate a very pleasurable feeling of joy from God. I will ask that this becomes a fairly frequent experience that when you need it then it will come to you swiftly.

Lightness of Being

You will become lighter in mind/spirit and more light-hearted even when faced with imminent danger. The thought will come from God saying in your mind/spirit "Everything will be alright, you will see" and surprise, surprise, God will be right! Every time!

See What Heaven Is Like While You Sleep

I will send forth an ongoing request for you to experience Heaven while you are sleeping. You may be quite surprised that it does NOT resemble what you have been told in your Christian Church. I know, I've been there in the night-hours. There is a saying going around that says "As Above, So Below" and it is true.

Tarot Card Readings

I will send a ongoing request for you to learn Tarot Card reading at a very accurate and swift pace. People will desire their readings from you because of your accuracy.

Free Flow of Energy

I will clear all blockages in your physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies to unstick stagnant or slow energies and will help to release these blockages so your energies can flow freely throughout your energetic systems.


I will enable you to channel other entities but will specify that you will be safe at all times. This ability will grow very powerfully over time naturally.


I will enable you to become a powerful Clairaudient. Clairaudience is the psychic ability to hear things that are inaudible. Meaning a psychic hears beyond the natural sense of hearing. He or she may ‘hear clearly’, and perceive sounds or words from spirits, guides, or angels or simply hear into your future in some mystical way.

Divine Intervention

I will enable you to have spontaneous spiritual visions that can guide and direct the seer.

Palmistry or Palm Reading

I will help you become much more proficient at divination from the lines on and the structures of people's hands.

Past Life Regression

I will help you quickly develop a process of hypnosis or meditative visualization for reliving or discovering previous experiences of one's previous lives. Journey to PAST LIVES and discover secrets now.


I will aid you to do divination in which one ‘gazes’ into the waters of a well, spring, fountain, small lake or calm river.


You will quickly develop knowledge or awareness of the future, obtained through extra sensory perceptions - ESP


I will help you to become much more proficient at using your psychic sense of touch. A Psychometrist will obtain intuitive impressions and information by holding or otherwise connecting with an object or person.


I will help you to easily develop meditative concentration. Zen Mind is an ideal state of mind for developing psychic awareness.