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I put in a manifestation request for help with a crucial government appointment,
which could have had disastrous consequences if it had gone badly. It went very
well, including details like a friendly government worker, a short meeting, and was followed by a letter telling me that the needed thing was approved!

I had specifically asked that I not be nervous, and I was completely calm during
the meeting. It was even fun!

Thanks John!

~name withheld by request~, USA

Hi John,

I requested you on the forum so that my and my girlfriend's parents fully
accept our relationship and we can find ample chance to go on dates. I am pleased to tell you that I am already beginning to see signs of their acceptance, specially from her mother. And yes! We do get to spend lots of time together! Merry Christmas to you. Keep up the great work you are doing!


I ordered a 7 day broadcast for weight loss. I requested to lose 20 lbs.
This was in the beginning of August. By November I had lost 15 lb!!
Now this is a big deal for me! I've been trying and failing losing this
20 lbs for 3 years!! I'm almost at my goal!

Now, the weight just didn't fly away..I had to diet, but I swear that dieting
became much easier and I seemed to have more resolve to STICK with
the diet than I have before. For the last 3 years..I have always been on
a diet or "cheating on a diet" this was incredible for me. I have tried
Jenny Craig, the Zone diet, low carb, South Beach, you name it!

I have had weight loss reiki done and even weight loss spells cast on me
and never had any luck with that stuff either. I've dieted most of my life
and this seemed to be the most painless successful diet I have ever done.

This is the real deal! I intend to order another broadcast and see if I can
get 10 more off and perhaps add the clause that I "KEEP OFF THE WEIGHT"
to my broadcast just to be on the safe side. (I added 5 more lbs less to my
original goal weight because I think I would look perfect at that weight.)

I'm the thinnest I have been since my early 20's. I think I might also order a
money manifestation broadcast as well, so I can buy new skinny jeans because
I can't fit in all my old clothes. :)

Town Near You, USA

Hi Mystx John,

This past year I have ordered three manifestation requests from you.
(They were not big amounts of money for you, but was all I could afford.)

All were asking for abundance and opening my psychic senses further.
I have been amazed how many supernatural things have manifested in
my life over the past few months....opportunities and door openings,
winning a good amount when gambling....just by asking for a golden
magic finger to point me in the right direction ! coming in
from unexpected just has been so overwhelming, it's
hard to express it all. I'm far from a millionaire but have a more
comfortable life with far less worries !

Merry Christmas and thank you,

Diane Nielsen

This is amazing I can't believe it. On December 23, 2010 I put in a request for luck it's December 28, 2010 I won over $4, 000.00 in money at three different casino's.

The wish master has done this. This is not a scam. It's for real.

Michael Bulmer

When I submitted my first list on October 21, I requested that my company's business volume--and its collections--increase.

To put things in perspective, we technically had a negative balance in our operating account of almost $7,000.00 (of course, I had not mailed a number of the checks that I had issued, in order not to actually be overdrawn)--and I was facing a payroll on November 5 of $34,423.00.

In the twenty-three deposit days since I submitted that request, our business has increased substantially--and our deposits have totaled $138,033.00!

At this moment, with all of our expenses paid 100% current (and all of the issued checks have been mailed!), we still have a "free and clear" balance in our operating account in excess of $37,000.00!

I am beyond delighted with these amazing results, and plan to participate in any future offer that the Manifestation Master extends to me!

I am truly grateful to him for all of the efforts he has made on my behalf, both business and personal.

Completely Satisfied Client
Corporate Business Manager/Partner
Miami, Florida USA

Hi John,
This is a follow up on the results for your nine day request.

I wrote you about the vision and now to tell that since that time I have noticed that I have a deeper feeling of calm, the broadcast ended on Oct. 29th. I have noticed that I am much more appreciative for instance while going into a wal-mart store I found a dime, it felt as if it were a hundred dollars I mean it was just so exciting and everyday I feel like this kid in a candy store. I know that something really big is coming my way and soon.

That 9 day request was one of the best investments I've made. The stocks I own have increased in value, and this feeling of great wealth is unbelievable.

You have manifested other things for me but, this feeling of great wealth is .... GREAT!!

Thank you John
Bruce Keys LEED Green Associate

Dear John,

My 9 day request is taking shape. I'm still waiting on the final outcome though I'm glad to report the positive things that have happened since.

On the money front I started making progress. I made some profits in the stock market and I'm also in the process of recovering my losses in Forex. I also received a income tax refund that I was expecting only next year. This refund came just a couple of days after I made the 9 day request and it was a pleasant surprise indeed :)

One other request I made was constant communication with someone special which is also happening and we chat often and I also received an unexpected phone call from that person...which is great.

I'm waiting for more to happen and will keep you informed.

If you don't mind I would like to stay anonymous or you can put my name as 'Together Divine Love'

Hi Mystx,

I had to tell u I read ur email last nite around 11pm.

Got off work around 10pm and so I did all the things
i do and got to bed around 3am.

When I woke this morning I had a strange vision that I
was standing on this small gravel drive way with both
arms raised toward heaven and even though I didn't
see it in the vision I felt that I was being drenched
with money and in the vision I was giving thanks
and praising the universe for hundreds, thousands,
ten's of millions, and 100's of millions of dollars.

Then I woke up for real and right away started saying
the same thing in the vision. Turns out I was half awake
during the first part but did not realize it until later.

How wonderfully strange!!!!

I believe that even now I am being drenched with money
and wealth, Thanks Mystx I can't wait to see what else
happens during these nine days.

Bruce Keys
LEED Green Associate




John has done WONDERS for me! :)

I have subscribed to a couple of his services including the
Multiple Manifestation Request, as well as two months of
the 8 subscriptions for Love/Wealth/Creativity/etc.

Everything (reasonable) that I've asked for has appeared for me!

Along with some non-reasonable things as well :].

I asked to learn Reiki and I am now being attuned by a successor
of John himself.

A job has appeared for me which seems perfect for this point in my life,
this has even been confirmed by a different psychic.

I've asked for a stronger imagination/creativeness and that has happened
in more way than I could have imagined :P.

I've experienced stronger and longer waves of peace, love, and tranquility.

I even asked if my singing could improve, which is happening!

Not only am I more motivated to sing, I'm learning more about how my
voice actually works.

I even randomly began ear training which will help my vocal skill tremendously.

I love what he has done and I'm sure there is more to come.

All in all, doors are opening, and 'luck' is all around!!"

Carl Lewis


Id just like to say

Ive subscribed to quite a few of ur services over the years and
they all seem to work!

Ive been subscribing to love and attraction and met this amazing
woman and we have fallen for eachother, so your service works
amazingly well!!

So much so ive got to meet her parents on friday 3rd June!

Ive ordered a special request today for 7 days in order for her
family to trust and accept me, id just thought id let you know
and would really appreciate if this could be started today.

Ur amazing mystx and ur ability is astounding im truley thankfull
for all you have done so far!

Kind Regards

Simon Mark Williamson
England, UK

I have done a few manifestation requests since you announced your
50th birthday sale.

I am writing to let you know that I appreciate your efforts, and the chance
to receive them at this exceptional price.

To add to your testimonials, let me say that I am writing a book, and have
put in some requests that it move along quickly.

As things stand now, I have over 500 pages of material, an excellent editor,
and a much-needed set of illustrations. It's not finished yet, but the research
took over ten years, and now the book is coming together in shockingly good

I have also seen improvements in my health, as new medicines appear that help me a lot - after I did a request for my health.

My marriage, which seemed to be threatened, now looks like it will take place as planned.

Some requests were fulfilled so easily that I didn't even realize I had asked for them until later.

May your 50s by unto you as a new 20s, and may every blessing be yours.

Todd Murphy

I run a small business here in India making beads. Recently i was lucky to get helpers/workers.

My main worry was how to manage both training the new people and getting new clients/ or new orders from old clients.

I came across the site and asked for a single manifestation of an order which we do and which would cover the salaries and make me a small profit.

Not only did i get an order but also we sold more of the same items from another shop.
and one of our older clients too gave us an order after almost a year.

Monetarily we reached the target that i had asked for $300/=. lot of money in India.

Thank you

Bundi Savant

Dear John,

After 11 days of the Multiple-Manifestations (full eleven), I felt it was time to share with you how it has been going. The short answer is that it working great and very noticeably.

First off, I felt a presence immediately and a heat all over my body. I had a "lightness of being" and I walked as if I weighed 50 pounds less and 3 feet in the air. Yet I was grounded. Wholly very happy and Centered. At some point, I felt something that I decided was the straightening out of my chakras--all up and down my spine. The Eleven are general, but as for the 60 day, multiple manifestation requests, I have seen several come to pass already. Here are some results of some of them. (The others are too personal to report, but they are coming along the same as these I do report.)

My trading is clearer, better, surer--and all profitable.

I have *understanding* and where I do not, I have the beginnings of understanding.

One of my manifestations requests was "I live and honorable and noble life without stain of any kind." In this, I have always been this way, but lately and without conscious action, I have been paying stricter and more detailed awareness of this. For instance, I dropped a dime in a parking meter when it had 8 minutes left because I felt the need to pay my way. It is in these trivial things, that the big things grow for good or bad. In this the Law of Compensation will be ever at Harmony and to my good. This small manifestation is really far more important that most will allow. I think it is in the paying attention to the details, that I sharpen my whole self and it may be the beginnings of the Egyptian principle of Ma'at.

In another, I wanted a Healing for my family over the death of our youngest. This is appearing to be happening. I don't want to get more detailed for a message that may be published.

My individual relationships with each of my individual family members have improved all round--and to the good of all. I am very happy with my wife.

I asked for knowledge to manifest as I need or want it--and it has. Vexing questions get answered and books I need fall into my hands. It is hard to believe after only a few days.

Wealth is coming to me in every respect, now that I think of it. I originally wrote to you about the money side, but upon thought I am being showered by more than money.

I asked for Harmony and I am living it more and more each day. (Ma'at again.)

Thank you very much and I will continue to subscribe to your service. Feel free to do what you want with this email, but please keep my email and name out of it. This is more for the privacy of my family. Thank you.


Near your town, USA

Hello mystx

I have a testimonial I want to share with you.

My aunt has cancer, and ever since you started doing
multiple manifestations for me, I heard good news that
almost miraculously the cancer has stopped growing.

She isn't cured of the cancer, but it stopped growing
which is good. When my mom heard that, it was very
good news and she was very happy. I was happy too.

Also, I had an issue with having to go to England
and I was so afraid that I had to do my Final Exam
for an online class over the week I would go to
England. I am going to England from April 15th to
the 23rd, but I called for that class and it seems
like it is going good because I am able to do it
after I get back even though the class would be
over by the time I get back. That relates to one
of the manifestations I asked you to do to make
sure that I would do in the last of my college

I think another thing that happened was I asked for
friends who were compatible with me. So far lately,
I've found a few friends on Xbox Live who I like to
play with every few nights who I really like and I
think now that this is a manifestation of my request
for good compatible friends.

Thank you very much mystx I think that you do a very
good job. I really am impressed very much, especially
with halting the spread of my aunt's cancer too.


I asked that this person who was extremely rude to me and did me
a great injustice be taught a lesson.

Well guess what, Manifestation Master delivered and when I sent an
email to a superior of this rude person, the superior emailed me back
and told me that they would take it even to the President of this person's

The person really acted like a complete jerk and tried to ruin an important
day of mine. While I am bummed out, I decided it was time to make this
bad person be taught a lesson. So far, the President didn't email me but I
knew it worked because in my psychic vision I saw that they had a "talk"
with this person.

The President who I saw in my psychic vision I even saw was angry at me
because the President was this person's friend. Since Manifestation Master's
works for many days, I know that justice will be done. I don't think the
manifestations are going to cause real and actual harm to anyone thankfully
because Manifestation Master is not a bad or evil person I don't think, but
the manifestation I requested will give that person and others who try to do
injustice to me something real to think about!

Another request that Manifestation Master is fulfilling was that a family member
was able to recruit someone into a business, actually two people within a short
time of each other, and we are seeing more evidence of success in a worldwide
business. This is amongst the first signs of great hope for our family ahead.

I am looking forward to sharing more stories of my success in the future as it

Thank you Manifestation Master!


Hello mystx

It seems like you've done it again! This is so awesome, I was very surprised!

I went to a website that offers free slot machines that are for play, no real money involved but they simulated slot machines, and I tried to use my psychokinesis to generate winning on the slot machines. I focused my intent on having "7 7 7" on the slot machines and I told myself that I wanted it to happen every time.

Guess what happened, about 80% to 90% of the time I kid you not I had 7's
appear on all three of the columns of the slot machines of the many presses I
did. I actually won a few times the high jackpot for 777's as well too!

Actually one time, I one a red, blue, and purple 777 which was a large jackpot,
then IMMEDIATELY AFTER I pressed it again, I won a red 777!

Seriously, I was so shocked almost like that guy you told on the website was
when you gave him psychokinesis!

I also won some others like a huge jackpot with a two 2x's and a 7 I believe
too which was seriously very cool.

I want to thank you very much mystx for helping me develop this power. I am
very impressed and it is almost like a movie how many times I came close to
winning the 777's and actually winning, especially the time I one twice in a row
was very awesome. I also wanted to thank my inner mind as to how awesome
it was in helping me win too as well, and I wish I could thank it for all the help
it did too.

I noticed for the time I was playing, about 80% to 90% of the time I pushed the
slots, it came out the 777's were almost there on all three slots, but those times they *almost* hit the payline but not quite. They were either just above it or just below it, but they were actually three 7's close to it.

Another thing I noticed that was interesting was when I was focusing on telling my inner mind what icons I want to be on the payline, it seems like whenever I heard sounds it seemed "muffled" or something, and it would go away when I stopped trying to tell my mind what to do with my psychokinesis. Is this normal at all? I also felt some strange sensations on the back of my head around 3:00 or 4:00 PM Central Standard time today, maybe it was you doing work on me and it was the feeling?

Mystx, you do very good work. I am glad for your services. This testimonial is one
among many that prove you are very good at what you do.



Hello John,

Thank you very much for checking in with me. As it turns out, the previous single manifestation request to get the job with the insurance brokerage firm was successful and I've gotten the job offer (hurrah!!). I don't start for another week, so I'll have to report back to you on how it all flows once I've gotten a chance to flex the "sales skills" muscles. :)

Regarding the psychic/energy requests...well, I can definitely report that I am feeling 'something,' just not sure what it is yet. Nothing yet from the PK request, but I'm working on it. I have noticed an increase in vivid dream activity, and I am sensing energies and vibrations a whole lot more than normal (at times, I get the sensation that I'm moving through a reality of vibrations, and I get flashes and glimpses of energies around me in my mind's eye). At times, when I lay still and allow myself to reach a relaxed state, I swear I can start to sense/feel/hear voices or beings near or around me. I'm still working that part out, too, but I'll get back to you on any progress.

I should note that while I have previously had psychic moments, they haven't been as regular or as noticeable until after you started working on my requests. I can confidently say that whatever you are doing is having a very noticeable effect.

Also, I've had your monthly Wealth/Prosperity subscription service running for the last few months. I've noticed that even during those rare times when it seems there may not be enough money for an unexpected bill, something always comes together to save the day. I just have to remember to let go and not close mind down from the stress and worry. Everything flows much more easily when I just open up and let the energies do their "thing."

Thanks again,


P.S. - Feel free to use my feedback for your testimonials if you'd like. I DEFINITELY recommend your services!

Hello, i made a request to you last month and am amazed... the
last week i made nearly �1000, this week monday so far nearly �200, i love
you! Im still out of work but my business is going amazingly well, so much
so that ive just joined your monthly subscription! May i say i hope our
lord blesses you with everything you desire, long healthy life and to be
extremely rich... in love! I know he will! Thank you again

Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Mystx! You're right, I've had great results. At my job, I was given an award of
appreciation along with 5 others. The 5 others have contributed significantly to my project. And it was a huge honor and surprise that I was recognized with them. As I do not think that I am as smart as they are but. now I feel great. about myself and think that your work is the reason I was recognized. Thank you for all you've done!

You may use my testimony but do not use my name.

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Thanks Mystx! Another request happened! I requested that my children's test scores would go up. My youngest- his scores went up a whole grade level and 18 % over all since the test 3 months ago. My other two get to graduate soon because their scores were so high. Thank you!

I’m currently experiencing a series of strange coincidences that open doors
of opportunities and sometimes shut them right behind me once I entered.
Sometimes, I even have a hard time to believe what’s happening. I was also
able to identify and counter a fraud that would otherwise remain totally
mysterious to me, besides causing a financial loss. Expect me to remain
a loyal subscriber for years to come.. Michel B.

I think your service is magical. For last few months I've been stressed
with the Tax Office. I owe them a big sum (through our business). As the
business is going through a rough time, it has been difficult paying any
money. I was stressed and asked you for help. While they showed a little
bit of leniency suddenly I got a notice from them asking us to pay the
full amount within 21 days, otherwise they would wind up our business. I
asked again for you to help and that they accept a payment plan.

You told me not to worry. I wrote to them with a payment plan. Within a
week, surprisingly :-), they accepted the payment plan without any

I am now more peaceful and am able to focus on the business rather than
on the debt.

The tax office debt has been a major stress for me. Thank you for
clearing it.

Thank you

My experience with the subscriptions the manifestation master provides
were and are amazing.

I am subscribed to the love, attraction, chakra and the grounding.

I could tell when he was working on me, the energy was incredible in my
heart chakra, and it now feels absolutely clean.
He has also cleaned all of my other chakras each and everyday.
My heart is really tremendously open now from the love subscription and
the grounding, I am very grounded always and fearless.

I want to thank the manifestation master for all his help.

God Bless!
John Usher,

The manifestation is definitely coming on fine.

I have picked up many beliefs which remove the limited beliefs and make
the goal realistic; I am now seeing the goal with a new consciousness.

In my case it seems that I have needed to hear and read about other
people's experiences with similar situations, because that is what has
been manifesting.

It's like I know I need to believe something and all the websites & products
& people's experiences in message boards that have materialised for me to see,
have acted as powerful, fast-acting affirmations to show me a reality which is
in tune with my goal and make me believe in it strongly and easily.

Thanks mystx!!
I know you are doing me a great service, so keeping you informed of my
progress is just something I should do. I'll write detailed testimonials
for the benefit of forum & website users.

I know that reviews are very valuable for people who are uncertain and
inexperienced. Therefore you do not need to worry about needing to use
parts of my emails, they are written to you for courtesy, out of my

Khushaal Padia,
United Kingdom

All these are from real people all over the world!!

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