Advice on wording your wishes and intentions.

When wording your requests you can condense it into statement of intents. Doing it like this is the most potent way to broadcast it to the universe to bring results.

An intent in this context is simply what you intend to happen or a description of your issues and how you want it healed in a positive way . For example.  I want Mr. X to award me the contract, Jody will meet me for coffee, I will win a large sum of money, I will win my court case, etc,etc..

Intents can be phrased in present or future tense. A combination of the same intention twice or thrice packs a real potent manifestation punch! For example: I will make $5,000 every month, I am making $5,000 a month now, I will make $5,000 every month soon.

Some other examples of intents are: It is my intent to win a large sum of money, It is my intent to attract a suitable lover that is very much like me, It is my intent that the girl that i love fall in love with me, It is my intent to get X job with X company, etc, etc..

You may also just choose to describe your issue/issues and leave it up to me to formulate the best way to express this to the universe.

Each request is different and encompasses the root of the desired outcome directly. Requests can be specific or general. It's up to you!

Most people have tremendous success with very specific requests. When you order you will be directed to another page to enter your required requests. These will then be worked upon by me for the required ordered time. You do not have to do anything else. Just put faith in the Divine Supreme Being and surrender to powerful creation energies. Results are amazing!

After you pay you will be directed to a form to enter details. All work is then started by me immediately as I received it.

Remember it's recommended you order as much time possible for supercharged results because the more time I spend on the requests is the more potent the requests are amplified to the universe bringing effective results soon.. It's also recommended that you repeat the same intentions/affirmations/desires from time to time. Many clients have received amazing results by having me broadcast the same intentions every week or couple weeks to give it an energetic push through the universe.

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